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Finally Thun - Part Saving Willow

Finally, Thun – part 2 Saving Willow                                                                                  12/19/16

The Paradox Avengers continued to onward toward Thun with a renewed pace with some hope that this would allow them to escape the latest evil acts they had to commit to saving Willow. They were still roughly five days away from Thun.  These days were all held in silence for the most part as they continued onward, the only words truly spoken was to stop for camp and to wake up someone for the watch.  Willow on the other had spent her days staring off into some void, and at nights she could be heard sitting under a tree quietly sobbing all in a while clutching the bow as if it was a child.  Osfinas was concerned that the price she had to paid might have been too high of one, but he would’ve done it all over again even knowing the price they all have paid.  As the group set out again on the fifth day it seemed that maybe their luck has slightly turned, for now, they have not had anyone or anything harass them over the past four days and nights.  However, there still seemed to be something always lurking on the edge of the shadows just out of sight around this group.

Finally, towards the end of the day the fifth day the group came over a hilltop to see in the distance a large city with farmlands leading towards the gate, Thun.  

Thun is a relatively large city but not one that would be called a Walled City but never the less it is signs of a real civilization.  The group would have a real bed tonight and not that hard ass ground they have been sleeping on for weeks now.  The team seemed to gain a renewed energy after seeing the town and began to make some plans about what they were going to do when they entered the city.  Gimgrum seemed to be the happiest about finding the city as he talked about taking a bath and getting cleaned up, he even was pulling out his formal clothes to don before entering the city. 

As the group entered the city, Gimgrum wanted to final a temple to maybe find out some more details about our weapons or even who the ditties may be that seemed to be intertwined to this misfit group of adventures here.

Gimgrum found a Temple and upon entering it appeared to be one more on the darker side, and Gimgrum was not very comfortable in this place.  The floors were made of a solid black stone even the walls all seemed to have very dark colors as well.  The Windows were all covered with heavy red drapes and even the people that are here are all dressed in black robes.  There is one figure standing at a pulpit in the front.  He slowly turned around to face in the direction of Gimgrum was entering from.  As this robed figured approached Gimgrum, it seemed that he was gliding across the floor.  These seem to be a cult of some sort, and they worship Al-Sharbal, The Keeper of Death.  The way he is worshiped is via prayer and sacrifice.  Gimgrum was not feeling very welcomed here, and he was not able to learn much of anything other than to seek out the library.  This place seems to one that the group may need to investigate further.

The group decided to move on from here and look for a few shops to replenish their gear and maybe even find some items to help aid them going forward.  They came upon a store called ‘The Bunker.'  The Bunker had some lovely items but mostly basic weapons and such.  Talking with the shop proprietor, we learned that the Al-Sharbal is a cult they seem to do some “good” things but still most folks steer clear of it.  The owner told us if we are looking for unique and high-end items then we needed to find a Shoppe that has three “O’s” on it.  It was not clear if the names were three O’s or if the named had three O’s in it, but we will keep an eye out for something like that.  As we left the Bunker, we found a store called Darkens dry goods.  We were able to fill up our daily rations and even found pickled fish but Willow did not find it very assuming when Hannibal pointed that out to her.

The group made their way towards the center of the Thun where the local library resides.  After looking around, we found a building that looks like it could very well be the Library of Thun.  Hannibal was clearly very excited to locate the library, and he seemed just to be in his element upon entering it.  Gimgrum was also very enthusiastic about being here. Maximus, on the other hand, appeared to be competently confused upon entering it.  AS the group went about looking for some information, Maximus made it was over to a small table where kids were sitting at the table and playing with some books.  The kids quickly gave away to this massive half-orc who was approaching them. However, there was one little girl that saw the look in Maximus eyes, and she approached with holding a book for him to look at.  Maximus took the book and sat down in a child chair and opened the book. It was the book that had some “pop up” pictures and this scared Maximus so much that he yelled, fall backward out of the chair and grabbed his dagger and was about to attack the book when he realized that all of the children were just laughing at him.  He was not sure why but the little girl ‘helped’ him up, and he sat back down with the book again and was so mesmerized with this book he sat the entire time that group was doing the research and just kept opening and closing the book and examining it over and over. He kept saying over and over again; “Where did they go?’

Willow came across an old folklore book that held a rune that looks very much like one from our weapons.  This talked about a group of 5 would break the seven seals, and it would bring light back to the land.  We looked from information about these seals and found some interesting stuff in a Mythology book that talked about a deity called Fumie and set in place these seven pillars that provided light and good fortune to the lands.  However, at a time long forgotten an evil appeared in the lands and took control of the pillars and locked them away with some seal that prevented them from doing the good.  The world suffered from this as war, and other evil uprisings occurred but still the lands have withstood this evil so far.  Willow noticed a few “scholars” sitting at a table in the back, and she approached them to see if she could learn more about these ‘seals.'  She asked the oldest looking one that was there what he knew about the seven seals. 

He looks up at Willow and slowly states: “Aye yes the seven seals. My Mother uses to tell me of the story that one day that five lights would appear in the lands and break the seals that held the pillars of essences of life and prosperity in a dark and evil plane.   If the seals are not broken then the lands would fall into war, famine, and destruction for a thousand years but, these are just telling that still to this day the less fortune tell their children for hope.”  “If you seek more information about these seals, then I would search out the Imperial Library in the Dagon or even York Temple.” 

We all listened to the story, and it is slowly becoming clearer that somehow, we are tied into this tell.  How much is real? How can we break the seals?  It only seems as more questioned are answered more questions are created.  Willow thanked them, and we started out searching for more information Gimgrum spoke; “We must be the five lights, and we must find a way to break these seals!”  Maximus took the pop book and cared for like it was worth all of the gold in the world.

We made our way down the main street and came upon a crap street and on the corner, was a store named “Octavius Outrages Oddities.”  Hannibal was like this must the three O’s store and went straight in.  It is filled with all sort of odd items. There was a friendly Gnome that greeted us as we walked in and he was keen to show us his wares.  One unusual item that Gimgrum noticed was this staff with a Roster heard on it.  As we browsed his wares, the Octavius seemed to be speaking with someone that was not there.  He then learned over and asked to see our weapons.  We all stopped and just looked at him.

“Yes, yes Roster Rick here (pointing to the staff with a roster head on it) wants to see your weapons with the magical runes engraved on them?” Octavius said.

Willow pulled out her bow to show him the runes on it.

Octavius grabs the bow and examines it carefully and intently.   “OH, YES these are the weapons from the prophecy. Humm you all must be the chosen ones! You see you must break the seals that have locked away the pillars of light.”  

Octavius begins to tell a story about the Pillar of Light. “These weapons were forged to break the seals that have locked the Pillars of Light away into Darkness.  It is believed that these seals are guarded by some very powerful demons.  The Prophecy talks about the return starting when a great witch walks the land again.  There was a young girl, Annabel, from the family of Usher, which is a very prominent family of Dagon, had gone missing and it believed that she had been possessed by a very powerful and evil witch now.  She disappeared two months ago and had been seen R’lyeh.  We believe that she is the one that will unleash hell on these lands and she must be stopped.  You must break the seals to end the spared of this evil.  We do not know The Pillars location, but there should be clues as to where they are in the Imperial library in Dagon.”

Willow eyes became very narrowed and focused when she heard of this witch.  It was clear she was thinking about Hunter and all of the things that have occurred to her and this group after meeting hat witch while on the island.

The team was stunned hearing all of this information and was wondering how or even if they could break these seals. Octavius started pushing out the door telling us it is closing time and we have bought him out of all of his wares.  He said to head to the Smiling Lion for food, drink, and lodging. 

We arrived outside the Smiling Lion Tavern.  It seemed to be fairly lively inside, and we all need a good night rest and some food other than iron rations and a very stiff drink.  As we walked in Hannibal cast a cantrip and created a smell like someone just shit their pants, and this ended up causing a small bar fight, but this time Osfinas was not part of this and stayed away from it.  We noticed a single human man Sitting a table with five chairs open.  We decided to go over to that table and introduce ourselves.  Gimgrum was leading the way when he looked over his Shoulder with wide eyes and said: “He is a Witcher!”  We engaged this man in conversation and talked about out run in with Lord Uthred, He smiled and said; “Lord Uthred is stupid.” This Witcher had an advantage on us as he knew who we were and that we posed some unique weapons.  He told us that he had been hired to hunt down Annabel Lord Usher daughter.

 He looked at each one of the members of The Paradox Avengers and then said; “We seem to have the same goal so let’s work together to find this young girl?  I am Roland.”


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