The Burning Land

The Lycanthrope battle

Saving Willow

The Lycanthrope battle:                                    12/12/2016

As this massive battle erupted we found ourselves with Lord Uthred and some of his trusted warriors pushed into an old graveyard.  We looked around trying to assess the situation and knowing that this graveyard may allow us some protection from these Were-creatures.  We started to move and put ourselves in a better position to defend against this attack.   Hannibal asked Maximus to toss him up onto the top of a mausoleum to allow him to have a good advantage point of the ensuing battle.  Osfinas went to where he was the most comfortable and slipped into the shadows.  The others seemed to be a little confounded on what they should do when there was Lycanthropes jumping up on the walls and crashes in the gates.  At this point, Lord Uthred yelled “Alpha’s, ” and pointed towards the ones that had crashed the gates, and they were four times the size of the others.  Maximus, hearing and seeing this massive beast crashing through the gate to the south went into his frenzied rage and charged towards it with killing in his eyes.  Once Maximus took off Gimgrum was trying to keep close to him to provide him assistance in the battle but his short legs were proving to be no match the half-orc lumbering stride.   At this point, Willow was looking around and had this look of despair on her face as she was not sure that any of her weapons would be much add in this battle.  With this concern, she drew upon her teaching to ‘mark’ the beast and hoped that would help in bringing them down, she took out her shot bow and fired at the creature on the wall to the south with little success.    Hannibal was so frustrated with not having the time to properly get ready when he launched his fire bolt towards one of the beasts; it was wide right of the target.    We all heard one of Lord Uthred warrior scream out in pain as he must have been bite by one of these damn foul beasts.  Now one of the smaller of these creatures charged into the graveyard and attacked a warrior who used the tombstone to help shield against its bite.  Osfinas stepped out from the shadows and called forth shadow call to strike this beast down.  His attack was right, but these monsters are tougher than he realized.  He stepped back into his comfortable place.   Lord Uthred charged this smaller beast and in two very powerful swings took down the beast with ease.  At this point in the battle, most everyone has engaged the Alpha on the north side charged in towards Lord Uthred. One of the warriors fired hit bow at the miss, and it did not seem even to phase the beast.  Now, Maximus and Gimgrum was standing toe to toe with one of the smaller beasts and was in a very intense battle when Willow doped her bow, unsheathed Hunter’s Short sword and raced to the aid of her fellow friends.  With all three of the heavy melee fighters taking on this smaller beast, it went down fairly quickly.  Willow realized that Hunter’s weapon allowed striking past this vile curse.  Now that Hannibal had some time to get used to the altitude his aim was right with his Firebolt as he hit the one Alpha at the south gate and got his attention.  The Alpha spun around and started to rush towards Hannibal, but there were the others in his way.  As the battle raged on the Alpha on the north side was engaged with Lord Uthred and was wounded by the Lord with his slivered Long Sword.  That is when Osfinas saw his opening and threw Shadow Call at this Alpha this was such a precision hit on the beast that it dropped and never saw what, who or where the killing strike came from.  Maximus seeing this Alpha coming towards went into a ‘Blood Rage’ and charged this massive beast in two mighty swings of his Axe they each found their mark on this beast open to gaping wounds on it, but it still stood there looking at Maximus with a very wide grin on its face. The Dwarf Gimgrum is having difficulty getting his footing under him as he charged the Alpha and swung his Warhammer only to miss its mark and slam into the ground completely.  His Warhammer reminded him to turn again but he only hit the air as the Alpha, so this attack coming and was able to side-step the attack. Willow charged into and was able to find her mark on this beast and after she hit the beast was still standing.  To the North Osfinas went along the wall and staying in the shadows was able to get the drop on the last monster there and put it down with a very precise strike from the shadows in what is becoming a normal occurrence from Osfinas.   Maximus still raging took his battle axe in one quick swing from overhead took the Alpha down.  With one of these beasts left the group charged in to assist Lord Uthred’s Warriors in falling that beast.  As the last creature was about to fall in battle, it spun around and with its sharp teeth clamped down onto Willow’s forearm.  Willow being completely surprised with this struck the beast to put an end to it and then the pain hit her from that blasted bite.
As the battle sounds reside in the Graveyard, the one wounded Warrior walked towards Lord Uthred while being assisted by his fellow warrior.  Lord Uthred asked, “Were you bitten?”  The Warrior looked straight into Lord Uthred eyes and said: “Yes, My Lord!”  Lord Uthred bowed his head and then looked back the man and stated “you know what must happen,” the Warrior just nodded yes dropped to his knees and held his head high looking to the sky as the sun was just starting to come over the horizon.  Lord Uthred said something under his breath and then in one swift clean and accurate swing with is long sword he removed this Warriors' head.  Not a single sound was made other than his head hitting the ground followed by his body.
Osfinas were standing there with a little bit of a perplexed look on his face at what he just witnessed.  It was not the beheading that distributed him it was more on how willing he was in accepting this fate.  He looked at Lord Uthred and asked, “Is that the only cure for one that had been bitten?”   Lord Uthred, slowly looks over and raise his head up to look at Osfinas and said, “No, but this is the only way we can deal with it now.”  “We had a priest that was able to remove this blasted curse.”  He takes a deep breath and continues, “If the priest is in high standing with their Deity then they can remove this within three days of the person getting bitten.” “We lost our priest three days ago, in another battle with these Dammed beasts.”  Osfinas is thinking well then; the strategy will be to stay back from these bastards while in combat. Lord Uthred says “if you cannot get is done in three days then you must perform the ritual and cast the spell Remove Curse on the first full moon as soon as the transformation has completed.”
As this beheading and conversation were taking place, the rest of the group was walking up to Lord Uthred.  At this point, Willow had this very concerned and hopeless look on her face as she was walking up.
Lord Uthred was thanking the group for their assistance and was very pleased with our abilities to deal with these beasts.  Lord Uthred was continuing to tell us about the one that they are after an ancient Lycanthrope that is covered with gray hair.  Osfinas offered up the group services to  Lord Uthred in helping hunting down this Gray One, but Lord Uthred said: “We can only pay you a small amount as we have lost many men and we need to send the gold back to their families to allow them to continue to maintain their life in our lands.”  Osfinas was not very pleased with this and was about to start negotiating the pay when Lord Uthred Looked over at the rest of the group and then yelled our “You Elf woman you have been BITTEN!” His demeanor changed and readied his weapon with the intent on beheading Willow right on the spot. The group pleaded with him not to do that, and he agreed, but he was very clear for us to get the “HELL” out of his sight before she started turning.   Lord Uthred did give the group a small amount of gold for their support and Osfinas was clearly not happy with the amount, but Willow was still alive for now.
At some point after the battle, Hannibal, still on top of the mausoleum decided to jump off.  Hannibal clearly is not the most graceful Gnomes out there and when we landed trip forward and fell face first onto a rock knocking himself out.  The face plant did not help nor hurt his looks with the busted nose and lip.
The group quickly gathered their horses and gear and got back on the road trying to make haste towards the only town they hoped would have someone that could help Willow, but the group knew in the back of their minds that this might be a very long shot on getting to Thun in time.  As the team pushed forward at a fast pace, Hannibal was saying that he thought that we only had about 10-12 days before the next full moon which did not sit well with Gimgrum and Osfinas.
Willow was now starting to show some serious signs of the curse; the wound was starting to show signs of an infection and black streaks were spreading up her arm.  She had become unusually pale in color as well.  As the evening was closing in on us and we all feeling a little worn out from the day’s journey Willow collapsed off of her horse.  That was a sign for us to stop and set up camp for the evening.   The group was eerily quiet this evening as each one was pondering on what was going to happen to Willow.   The Paradox Avengers were showing more of being a family now as they were all concerned about one in the group and not about their individuality.  As Willow was curled up in her Dire Wolves pelt, the team set up watches order.  Most of the night it was uneventful (Osfinas slightly doze off, and this is starting to eat at him as this not natural to him), but as Gimgrum taking the last watch, he noticed a shadow on the outskirts of the camp.  He was not able to tell who or what it was.  He came over and woke up Osfinas.  As Gimgrum informed Osfinas about the Shadow, Osfinas half asleep said ok let’s go check it out. Osfinas slipped into the Shadows but was not as graceful as he normally does this, probably had to do with his lack of sleep.  Osfinas and Gimgrum see this creature hunched over eating something.  They circled the creature and Osfinas used his light footwork to sneak up behind it and called forth Shadows Call and put it the monster throat.  Gimgrum rushed as the Creature reacted and pushed away from Osfinas and had a Short sword drawn but had these strange animal eyes staring back at Osfinas.  Gimgrum yelled out “WILLOW!”  Osfinas was ready to attack as he did not recognize it being Willow.  At this point, the rest of the group woke up and Willow seemed to snap out of this wild animal state.  Now this was a major problem for the team, and they are running out of time as it would appear that she is turning faster then what they all believed.   This point Maximus was not trusting Willow at all and was calling for head.  He made it his personal mission to become her “Bodyguard” going forward.  They broke camp in a quiet fashion, and no one discussed what had happened, but it was clear that there is a very dark cloud hanging over The Paradox Avengers heads.  They moved down the road at even a faster pace towards Thun again there was little talk amongst them.  They also tied Willow into her saddle as they were concerned about her falling out of the saddle again.  As the group continued down the road, they came to the end of the Lake and saw some small islands and noticed what looked like a small village.  The group decided that it was best if Osfinas go and check out the community.  Osfinas worried about Maximus staying alone with Willow asked Gimgrum to stay and for Hannibal to accompany him to the village.
As Osfinas and Hannibal approached the village, they saw that it was clearly a simple farming and fishing village.  Osfinas was worried that this might be an entire Lycanthrope village but never said anything to the others about that, but he knew the other thought that as well.  Like always he had a plan to try and check for this.  He took a few silver coins and carried them in his hand.  At the entrance to the central area of the village that was built upon a rampart and surrounded by a high wooden wall.  There was a single century standing guard with a spear.  As we got closer, the guard was a short pot belly you man (imagine Sam from the Game of Thrones).  He was very frightened and was scared when we saw us approaching him.  Osfinas talked to him trying to get some info about the town and if there was a priest that could help Willow.  This young lad name was Jacky he informed the two that they need to speak with the Reve Harold and he could be found at the main hall towards the center of the Mekea here.  As Osfinas started to walk off, he called to Jacky and tossed him a silver coin.  He grabbed the coin in central air, and his eyes were so wide open seeing this coin flying throw the air.  After he had caught it, he started treating like it was the most ‘precious’ thing in the world to him but he held onto to the silver coin with no ill effects from it.  Osfinas and Hannibal went on into the Mekea.  This is a simple village there was something like a small  farmers/fish market, and Osfinas was like “we can get Willow some more pickled fish over there I bet.” Hannibal just nodded in agreement.  They approached a man standing out in front what appeared to be a ‘great hall.'  He was a very well dressed man in this village and was talking to what seemed to be some simple farmers. Osfinas figured that this was Harold the Reve, so he approached him waiting for the current conversation to end.  When it ended, Osfinas approached him.
While this was occurring, the others sitting at the edge of the woods waiting for Osfinas and Hannibal to return was just simply resting.  Willow was sitting there wrapped in her dire pelts, Maximus standing over watching Willow with his axe readied and Gimgrum keeping one eye on Willow and the other one on the road hoping to see the others coming back.  With this incredible speed and quickness Willow jump and charged Gimgrum with a weapon in hand.  Maximus, seeing this and slightly surprised started to pull battle axe but realized that she was out of his reach with decided to dive at her and take her to the ground with equally incredible speed. Gimgrum was totally caught off guard with what Willow was done, was very thankful that One Maximus was there and two did not swing his axe trying to remove her head.  With the takedown from Maximus, it seemed to break the state she was in, and she was pissed that Maximus was on top of her.  She does not recall what happens when she goes into the state.  At this point, Willow asked to be put in her manacles and gave Maximus her weapons so that this strange beast transformation could hopefully be somewhat contained going forward.  This is becoming a real issue with Willow.  
Osfinas and Hannibal were talking with the Harold in town, explaining to him that one of their companions had got a nasty cut on her arm and it was looking like it may have become infected to see if there was a priest in town that could help her out.  Harold seemed to be very concerned with this and told us to get, and bring her back here while he was getting the ‘Surgeon.'   As Osfinas was walking away, he turned around and reached put to shake Harold hand with a Silver coin in it, but Harold would not shake his hand and kept saying “I cannot take any payment for this.”  Osfinas then flipped the silver coin toward Harold and again he would not touch it.  Osfinas and Hannibal started to make their way back to the edge of the woods to get the inform the party of what was going on here.  Osfinas did not trust Harold.  They also learned that Jacky was not a guard, but some poor kid that did not have a fully developed mind and that explains why he reacted the way he did with the silver coin.  
Osfinas and Hannibal headed back the group and was not giving the signal that trouble was coming but in the Osfinas was not having a good feeling about this.  As they came up the road, they could see Willow sitting on the ground with Maximus standing over Willow with his Axe readied and Gimgrum appeared to be a little agitated while talking to Willow.  As Osfinas and Hannibal reached the group, it was evident to them something must have happened while they were at Meeka.  Willow had manacles on, and Maximus had her weapons on his back.  Gimgrum and Maxims explained to Osfinas and Hannibal what Willow attempted to do.  Osfinas just stood there listening and was rubbing his forehand knowing that for every hour they did nothing was one closer to the end of Willow.   Maximus was very amped up over what has transpired this day and continued to say “I REMOVE HER HAED IF SHE DOES ANIMAL THING AGAIN!”  while spinning is Blood Axe in his hand.  This was a icy reminded to everyone and in particular Willow on how Dark this time is for the Paradox Avengers.
AS Osfinas and Hannibal explained what had transpired there was a debate about either just leaving, going forward with that she had been wounded or going with the truth as to what happened to Willow.  There was even talk about removing her infected arm.  Osfinas was not liking the thought of being completely honest with this village as he still did not trust this Harold character.   Maximus still was saying “Let me remove her head” at this point Willow spoke up and told Maximus bluntly that would not happen.  She said while looking directly at Osfinas, “if it comes down to the group here needing to end my life I want you, Osfinas, to be the one to do that.  I want you to make a single, quick, clean strike to my heart.”  Osfinas just looked at her and nodded in agreement. Maximus was again clear that he would remove her head and everyone had to calm down our big green skinned friend here.  As the debate continued about what to do with this Harold character and his surgeon, Gimgrum noticed a group of people running up from Meeka towards us.  Finally, a quick vote was taken, and it was agreed that we would tell the truth, but Osfinas knew he had the be very careful in how he will convey this information to Harold. 
Harold and a group of the villagers arrived carrying a stretcher for Willow.  Osfinas stepped in to meet the group before that was able to get a direct sight on Willow.  “Harold, wow that was fast,”  Osfinas stated. “YES, yes we must hurry and get your friend back to see Reha, the surgeon” Osfinas nodded in agreement but was not allowing them access to Willow just yet and then stated: “Let me ask you a question, Harold, has your village ever dealt with lycanthropy?’  Harold stood there for a second with this very puzzled look on his face and sutured saying: “Lycan, Lycanthropie?”  “I have never heard of such thing.”  Osfinas thought about how to re-ask the question for a few seconds and then said: “Were-Creatures?” Harold said yes, we had had trouble in the past with two here but Lord Uthred and his war band eliminated the threat about ten days ago, why do you ask?”  As the last word came out of his mouth, he gasped and said: “Has your friend been bitten!”  Then others being to glance around and mummer to each other.  Osfinas looked around for a second debating on what to say next and then looked at Harold and said: “I am concern that she has been.  We were assisting Lord Uthred, and we were all attacked we did quickly dispatch of them, but at some point, in the fight, she was wounded.”  Harold started backing away and was saying: “You must leave our home.  Just be gone we cannot help her!” Osfinas only asked “Is there anyone who can help her near this place? How far are we from Thun?”  Harold stopped for a second and stated: ”Thun is about seven day travel from here.”  Osfinas just got this very sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.  Then Harold looked up said: “there is a witch that leaves in the marsh.  She is not one that we deal with, but she may be able to assist you with this but be very careful in handling her.” “Remember that black magic comes with a price.” He then started to walk back to Meeka.  Osfinas quickly went to him to shake his hand and thank him for his willing to assist.  As Osfinas was shaking his hand, we took his other hand with a silver coin in and attempted embrace Harold around his shoulder and neck area in with the intent to put the silver coin on exposed skin to see if there was any reaction.  Somehow, Harold saw the glint of the coin in Osfinas had and jerked away stating “what is it with you and this silver coin?”  Osfinas looked at him and with simple smile said: ”I just like silver coins and I always have one in hand it all, Sorry about.”  Harold and the villagers walked off back to Meeka When Hannibal asked he we could have their stretcher.  Harold looked over his shoulder as they continued to walk away and said; “Sorry that is not possible it is our only one.  Good Luck to you all.” 
The group stood there for a few minutes in silence as each one pondered what was going to happen to Willow.   Willow broke the Silence bay saying; “What we are waiting around for? Let’s go see this witch.”  It was evident at that point to everyone this was their only chance in saving Willow as they would never make to Thun in time to removes this god forsaken cruse on her.   They mounted up and took off towards the marsh based on the directions that Harold provided them.  Maximus was staying as close to Willow as he could be at all times.  Osfinas was still worried about who Harold truly is but never said anything to the rest of the group. 
They entered the Marsh as the Sun was setting which gave this area a very odd green glow to it. It was slow moving while they searched for the hamlet of this Marsh Witch.  It was not long when they saw a faint light the reassembled candles.  Osfinas looked over a Gimgrum and asked him; “Will you handle the talking with this witch here?  This seems to be more in tune with your knowledge about such things.”  Gimgrum was in total agreement with the ask.  As we approached the hamlet, we saw numerous effigies hanging outside, spikes with skulls and small animals in different states of decay.   Gimgrum walked up the stairs to the front door that was slightly ajar and from inside came a timeworn and squeaky voice saying; “Come inside my little friend.”  Gimgrum looked over his shoulder at the rest of the group and took a deep breath and walked into the Hamlet.
Inside he saw an old and frail looking lady sitting in a rocking chair with her back to the door dressed in some old and tethered black robe, she has long and thin white hair flowing over her shoulders.  She turned her to look at Gimgrum.  She had a black blindfold over her eyes showing that she is mostly likely blinded as well.  “What do you want?”  She asked. Gimgrum reaching deep on his faith and knowing that Moradin will give him the strength and guidance needed here. Looked at her and said: “We are here to seek your advice on an issue he has with one of our companions outside.”  At this point, she jumped to her feet and starting to sniff the air and looked over at Gimgrum and said; “Lycanthropy?  Bring her in here to this table quickly.”  Gimgrum was taken back on how she could just ‘smell’ this and even knowing that Willow being the infected one was able to tell she was a female.   Gimgrum went to the door and said: “Bring here in quickly!”  The group quickly gathered up Willow and carried her inside to the witch’s hamlet and laid her down on a table.  AS Gimgrum was waiting for Willow to come in he was looking around the inside and was seeing some very strange sights.  There were animal parts or that he thought were animal parts in jars with some strange liquid.  There was all sort of other odd items like herbs, moss, lichen and different type of marsh type plants. He was not sure what to think about this place and continued to clutch his Warhammer from Moradin.  As we laid Willow down on the table, the Witch started pacing around her and just sniffing and taking in long smells over her.  “She is not doing well and her time to full transformation is nearing” “I see her wound was not properly dressed and that may have helped accelerated the curse” the group was listening and hanging every word that came forth from this Witch.  Gimgrum speak up: “What can be done to reverse this curse?”  The Witch snapped her head round and seemed to stare right through Gimgrum even though you do not see her eyes and even Gimgrum felt a little uncomfortable with her staring at him and shifted his weight on his feet. “Humm, yes, what to do for your friend here?  There is one thing that could be done, but it requires sacrifice, with payment in blood.”  Gimgrum said; “What is the ritual?” 
She cocked her head and with a slight crook grin coming across her face she said; “You will need the heart of a hellhound, a tongue of a Banshee and the blood from an innocent human child. That the infected one killed.  Once you have these ingredients you will need to boil the heart and tongue in the blood and then she must consume it afterward.  This also needs to be done before the third night closes from the day she was infected.”  The group in shocked to hear this and Willow said; “No child will be sacrificed to save me!” In a weaker sounding voice. Hannibal asked the witch; “How do we even found the heart of a Hellhound?” the witch looked over at Hannibal and stared at him from behind her blindfold; “Well, my little man, all you need to do is find a graveyard and then find the oldest marked grave. Once you find this grave, you must bleed out a Human onto the grave, and this will summon a Hellhound.” She coughed for a second and continued; “I am sure that this group could easily take a single Hellhound out?”  Maximus piped up and said, “I kill Hellhound!”  Hannibal was then: “OK, what about the Banshee?” She looked back at him and said when the innocent child is taken a Banshee will come forth.”  Osfinas was listening to all of their and knowing that there was no way anyone in this group would take the life of someone innocent.  He knew he would have to get his hands bloody, and that is nothing new to him, and he is willing to do what is necessary to save his friend.  The group was totaled disheartened from this ritual they bid the witch farewell and went back to their horses as the figure out their next steps.  Willow made it very clear at this point that she would not take the life of an innocent life.  So, there was no way to get he needed blood for the Ritual. At this point Osfinas realizing that our chances of curing this curse was nearing its end started to think about what he needed to say to Willow before he plunged his weapon into her heart.  As the group stood there and was debating on what to do next.  Willow piped up and said: “I accept my fate for this and I do not want to turn into one of those foul beasts. Do what you must.”  She said: “I need to tell everyone something and why I will not do this nor allow you to do this.”  She paused for a minute to gather her thoughts about how she was going roe relive these memories. “I was born into Slavery, and while I was very young, my Mother was able to escape with me the slave pins of the Underdark and blasted spider loving Drow.  We live a very simple life after that for a few years, but my mother was always looking over her shoulder.  Then one late night in Eleint they came for us.  I was awoken by mother screaming, and then a black had grabbed and pulled me outside.  There I saw more of the dark skin elves beating and punching my mother.  The one that was clearly the leader stepped forward and began to whip my mother with his cat of nine tails.  I was being forced to stand they and watch this brutal act.  When the leader then called forth, his horse he places my mother into the saddle walked the horse to an oak tree and then there was a noose hanging there.  The next thing I saw was my mother hanging there fighting to get free when a female drow walked to her and muttered a few words then flames shot from her fingertips setting my mother ablaze.  I would like to think that it was an act of mercy but I saw the look in that bitches’ eye.”  Everyone was standing listening to this story and did not say a word.  Willow took a second to compose herself again as this was clearly very emotional for her and in her weaken state it was even that more taxing on her. With a sigh, she started again; “I was left to die and from exposure or the wolves that were sure to come.  However, the woodsman Jamtorin, that would come by every so often found me curled up near my scorched mother body, and he helped me bury my mother. As I was lying there wanting to die, I swore an oath of vengeance to be unleashed upon the Drow slavers.” Again, this story was indeed taking what strength Willow had in her to tell.  “After some years living in the woods and learning form the Jamtorin about hunting, tracking, using a bow and then even learning to handle two swords at once, I knew it was time.  I was talking with Jamtorin about exacting my revenge, and he told that if I did so, I would be banned from his land forever.  I struggled with that, but I was true to my oath and was able to put down the same slave lord that murder my mother.  It seems that I have had a life full of chaos and bad faith.  Now it is clear that my faith and my oath has caught up to me.”  The group was stunned to her story but now had a newfound understanding of who Willow is.  Osfinas knew what had to be done and knew that he had to be the one.
As the Paradox Avengers, stood in a dead silence as everyone was digesting what they just heard.  Willow changed into that unknown creature, and on one quick and fast move she did a back flip and kicked Maximus square in the jaw stunning him for just long enough to make her escape.  This totally caught everyone off guard, and Willow was running off towards the town with some incredible speed.  Maximus was pissed and was screaming that he is going to cut off her head.  The group sprinted after her knowing if is she made back to Meeka then there would be hell to pay for all of us.
As we chassed Willow we came upon this house and Osfinas saw that a window was broken out he quickly told Maximus to continue to the town and catch her, and the half-orc started charging forward harder than he has yet.  Osfinas then immediately jumped in the window and was shocked at what he saw. This room looked like a slaughter house, and Willow was cover in blood squatting against a wall and weeping.  As Osfinas approached her, he could see in her body language that she knew what she did but not sure how or why she did this.  Willow was very distraught over what took place with the murder of an innocent family.  
Osfinas knew that time had run out and there was no way we could get the needed components to complete that damn ritual the to save Willow.  He approached Willow and knelt down to look straight into her eyes.  “Willow, I am so sorry this has happened to you, and I wish I had the abilities to correct for you but,” Willow looked up at Osfinas and did not speak a single word at this point, but it was very clear to Osfinas that she was accepting her fate. Osfinas did not want to accept this, but he had no choice on this.  He said “Willow you are a friend to me, no you are family, I never imagined that this would be how we parted our ways.  The gods are not smiling on us, and this may be a payment that I am being asked to pay.  Do know this you will never be forgotten.”  He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the forehead and with his left arm around her neck pulled her head into his chest so that he would not need to look into her eyes as the life faded from them.   With his right hand, he made a fist and placed it within an inch of her chest.  He closed his eyes and being to call forth Shadows call to form into a short sword to price her straight throw her heart.  One clean killing blow was the plan.  As a tear went down his face and with the next to last thought for Shadow call to spring to life and put an end to Willow’s, there was crash through a window, and a Banshee appeared. Osfinas was totally surprised for a split second and then knew we still had a chance to save Willow!  
Gimgrum followed Osfinas into the house and was able to get the drop on the Banshee and dealt some nice damage to it with his two strikes from his Warhammer.  Hannibal now focused was able to hit this Banshee with his Firebolt.  Maximus, hearing this turned around and ran into the front door.  He was apparently pissed when he saw Willow there, but he stayed focus on the battle at hand and with his Axe dealt a massive blow to the is Banshee.   Willow sprang from Osfinas grasp and drew a crowbar and attacked the Banshee her strike was right but it did not fall the Banshee.  Osfinas spun around on his one knee and with lightning reflexes flung out Shadow call at the Banshee.  It never saw what or where this strike came from.  Shadow Call hit its mark as true as it has ever done before, right straight into the heart of this she-devil.  Even before Shadow call had returned to Osfinas, he was on top of the Banshee with one foot on it forehead he reached down as it was still screaming from the killing blow and grabbed its tongue and sliced it off. “Now we have a real chance to save Willow!” He screamed out.  
The group could not believe how the luck somewhat changed, yes there was an innocent family her murder, but there was still time to save one of our members.   Maximus has been severely pissed at Osfinas but was not sure why he was pissed at him.  Osfinas looked at Maximus and with his natural look and straight face told Maximus “you were only that could have caught her before she got to town, that is why I asked to go that way when he checked this house you were headed towards the town.  Thank you my Friend.”   Maximus looked at Osfinas and said; “Ok: but is clearly not 100% behind that answer but it would have to do as we had much more pressing needs to deal with.
We now need to get the heart of a Hellhound and the only to make that happen was to bleed out a human over the oldest grave.  Gimgrum was not sure that we could do this and honestly knew it was wrong to sacrifice someone life just to save one.  Maximus had a brilliant idea these Half-Orcs never go done early and knew that he could stand back up once he was drained. Osfinas was very excited about this plan knowing that no one would have an issue with that but then.  Hannibal chimed in yes that is a very good idea but we need the blood to be that of a human, not a Half-Orc.  Then the air went right out of the room AS everyone stood there debating on the next steps.  Osfinas made it very clear to everyone that they only needed to find the graveyard and the grave plus be there when the Hellhound shows up to help dispatch it as quickly as possible, and he would take care of taking the life.  Gimgrum Said:” I am good as long as that person deserves that fate.”  Osfinas agreed but knew there was no way to guarantee that request easily, but he was willing and ready to take another life to save Willow.


Great writing, enjoyed every word.

The Lycanthrope battle

Thank You

Like I have said I hope I capture everyone’s character’s emotions and thought processes at times.

The Lycanthrope battle
SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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