The Burning Land

Getting our Gold back

After the guards left town:  12/6/16

After more debate about our next steps and Osfinas pleading his case to get our gold back, the Paradox Avengers agreed that it would be wise to get some rest at another establishment.  Going back to that dive where the fight had occurred would not be a prudent move at this time since Osfinas and Maximus were just arrested there.  Even though Osfinas want to go back there and settle a score with a certain oversize and small brained bartender, he agreed to move forward but put this man on his personal list.   The group went in and talked with the Shop owner for some recommendations and he told us of an “upscale and overpriced” Inn called the Wilsher House.  This place was a very lavish Inn compared to most we have seen over the past few months.  As we walked in we were greeted by some stuck up, snobbish elf acting like we could not afford this place.  After listening to this stuck-up Elf Osfinas made it very clear to him that we have gold to cover staying even though he was claiming 120 GP/room by handing him 50 GP.  After that offer by Osfinas, he changed his tune some but still Osfinas thought about cutting out this Elf’s tongue.  We were lead over to another lady to pay for our rooms and Osfinas tried to get it a price of 95 GP and was almost successful but ended agreeing to the 120 GP.  The group gave false names so it may allow us some cover.  Maximums was Trevor, Willow was Jasmine, Hannibal was Skippy (not sure where that came from) Gimgrum was Stacy (really have no clue where that name came from but he was till drunk for early that day and I have never seen such a weak drinking dwarf) and Osfinas was Halafinas.  Gimgrum was distracted by the ladies of the evening for a good bit.

After a few hours of relaxation, we all sat in the steam room to discuss and formulate a plan for getting out gold back.  We came up with the scheme.  Osfinas and Willow would head back after the army and get the gold while the others went to the bar and tried to make their presence seen to give us an alibi if one was needed.  Osfinas knew that this was a significant risk that could very end up having his head removed from his shoulders, but the thrill of getting our gold back was too much for him to pass up.  Plus, these Assholes did not earn this gold and just did the simple robbery with a sheer force not very impressive, He will show them how you do this a skilled person.  We also tried to show Max that Osfinas has unique skills by having manacles placed on his wrist and within 6 seconds they were removed with no one even seeing him do that.  Still not sure that Max fully understood but hopefully going forward Maximus will not end up with manacles on anytime soon.

Osfinas and Willow headed out towards the Army camp late that evening and Willow showed exactly why I wanted her to come along as she quickly picked up the trail and got us just outside the camp.  At this point, Osfinas told her to stay here with the horses, and I will be back within an hour, if not she was to head back to the group and continue onwards to Thun.  Osfinas took out a potion of invisibility and gulped it down.  Osfinas just strolled up to the front gate and walked right in between the two centuries posted there.  One acted like he heard something but did not react to anything.   Osfinas was looking for the commander’s location and went to what was an old church, but there was no one in there.  He continued to look for the tent that may have the commander in it. As he was looking around he tripped over a tent guide string only to wake up another guard (ugh) and then he saw his target.  A slightly larger Tent then the other but it had two guards stand to watch over it.  He looked around, and it was clear that the only way in was just to walk in, he strolled in between the two guards he slightly brushed one with his cloak, but the guard assumed it was a bug or something.  Once inside he saw the pompous ass commander sleeping on his cot.  He stood there for a minute or so and complicated just driving Shadowcalls through the commander’s skull, but that was not why he was here.  There was the chest under his rack.  Osfinas started to pull it out slowly, and it hit the leg of the cot waking that asshole up.  The Commander got up and looked around, but he could not see Osfinas still.  He walked over to the table and started looking at his maps and notes.  This time Osfinas knew how to get the chest out without hitting the cot, and now he has it under his arm (time to get the hell out of here).   In the place of the chest, Osfinas left to wolf tails and a note thanking the commander:   

This gold will be put to good use.  It is going to allow us to leave this cursed land and get away from the Tyranny of the Dagon Empire.  Please have these two tails as a simple thank you.
The Rabid Forest Clan

As Osfinas was heading out the tent, he bummed one of the guards and scared him, and he yelled out waking up the entire encampment.  Now this is going to be twice as hard as it needs to be.  He made his way back to the front gate, but the gaurs there was on high alert, so Osfinas tried to distract them by throwing some rock and clumps of dirt over the wall and in the bushes.  Once the one guard stepped over to see what that noise was Osfinas quickly and quietly slipped out the front gate.  Osfinas made his way back to Willow with the chest in hand and off they went.  Willow did a good job at creating some confusing tracks and path back to Wilsher.
While Osfinas and Willow were out doing, the stealth works the rest of the team was having a great time in the Wilsher Inn bar.  While they were having fun, there was an Assassin that showed up from the shadows and one quick strike he took out Maximums, so he thought Maximums being an Half-Orc has this unbelievable strong will to live.  Even know the strike was true, and Maximums dropped to one knee he stood back and went into a mad rage that the group has only actually seen once or twice before.  While in the rage in a single unnaturally fast strike he hit that assassin right across his torso and had such a powerful impact that it ended up breaking most of the Assassins ribs and cutting through almost every major organ. The Assassin just dropped where he stood.  Upon investigating the Assassin, they saw that it weapon had ruins on it looking a lot like the ones that Maximus, Gimgrum, and Osfinas has.  They also noticed that it slowly disappears in a cloud of black mist.  The Assassin had a strange tattoo on his arm.  A dagger with bat wings and a wreath sounding it.  The group took the body back upstairs and placed it in Willow room.

Willow and Osfinas return to the rooms to learn about this attempt on the other members.  Osfinas recognizes this tattoo but cannot recall where or what meaning it has.  Osfinas put the chest on the table with a very broad and sheepish grin on this face.  They open the chest and find their gold plus interest.  They put the chest in the room with the dead body and place one of his hands in the chest and they decided to move away from this town as fast as possible.  The group has not had any sleep or rest now for almost 24 hours, and everyone was feeling the effects from that.   Willow was leading us away from town and not following the main road.  She leads us right into a swamp and then she took us to a clear patch of ground, so we thought.  It was quicksand, and the group and horses had to get out of there quickly.  Poor Gimgrum was having major issues with the hangover and lack of rest and was not able to pull himself out of the quicksand.  Osfinas saw this and yelled for Maximus to grab Gimgrum and only in Maximus’s ways he jumps right in and grabs Gimgrum as he was now up to his nose in the quicksand and in one quick and powerful jerk he had Gimgrum and himself out of the quicksand.   We found some semi-dry land and set up a camp Osfinas took the first watch but somehow, (which bugged him) he dozed off longer than he should have, but nothing showed up.  Everyone just passed out when they hit their bedrolls.  After this long rest, we realized it was just evening and discussed heading onward, but we made a choice to stay till first light.   While Hannibal was on watch, he saw something moving on the outskirts of the camp.  He woke up the rest of us, and he used his arcane abilities to shed some light where the shadow was spotted.   Osfinas slipped into the shadows and made his way out to the edge of the camp.  Willow went to investigate the location where Hannibal had put his light.  Right after Willow reached that area Osfinas was attacked from the shadows he was able to deflect the blow and return a solid strike but knew he was out here alone and used his street abilities to disengage and retune to the central part of the camp.   This Shadow Assassin moved in an unnatural way and was on top of Willow, but the group charged and was able to dispatch this Shadow Assassin.  Then another one appeared right in the camp near Hannibal after some quick move and fast thinking the team overwhelmed this one as well.  Just like the one on the Wilsher Inn, their gear disappeared in a cloud of black mist.  They also had the same exact tattoos.

As dawn breaks on a new day, the Paradox Avengers made their way back to the main road.  After a few hours of uneventful travel, they came upon two guards standing in the way.  These Guards are clearly not from the region based how they were dressed and their usual accent.  They were dressed in furs and carrying silvered spears and swords.  These guards would not allow us to pass as their Lord and great monster hunter, was up ahead and looking for Lycanthropes.  They war band came from a land across the sea, and they landed in Gathrum, and they have made their way here making a point to stay as far away from Yorvix temple as well as Thun.  The guards saw Maximus and GimGrum’s Weapons and made appoint to make sure that Lord Uther would like to see them.  We were able to let the guards allow to pass so that we could talk with Lord Uthred, the great Monster Hunter.  As we continued down the road, we approached a fair-sized encampment.  The group made appoint to put away their ruined weapons.   It has a wooden wall that has been sharpened to a point as a point of defense.  As we walked in, there was a meeting taking place in the middle of the camp with a Colossal of a man dressed in similar attire as the guards, a Dragonborn, a Dwarf and a few other male humans.  As we spoke with Lord Uthred, we offered to assist them if they would allow us to.  He asked how could we doing anything with the pathetic weapons he saw and then he saw Maximums battle axe.  He was keen to see the weapon in use and lead Maximus over to a covered cage with some beast inside of it.  Inside the cage was large fur covered beast chained in the prone position on the ground.  It was trying everything it could to do to break the chains, but it seemed to have its strength taken away somehow.  Lord Uther told Maximus to attack this beast with his Blood Rage Battle Axe.  Maximus took his axe out and in a single swing hit the animal in the shoulder, and it cut very deep.  The beast let out a blood curling scream from the attack.  Lord Uther seemed to be very impressed with the weapon and said that “now this weapon will work what about the rest of you.”  Right at this point there was howls and other battle cry’s coming from the woods everyone in the camp jumped to the ready and Lord Uther let out a battle cry and charged towards the gate and yelling at us to follow.  Willow was looking for a shield but was not having any luck finding one.  We are off to battle now…


SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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