The Burning Land

On the road to Thun

The naming of the group and the Shackles

As the group went off to bury our friend Hunter who was taken down by some unseen Demon that was summoned by that Witch from the Island that ran away from us.  After some words were said and the group agreement on vengeance to this witch. Osfinas brought up to the team as a whole that we need to be careful with disclosing our actual names since we are the reason for allowing the invading army to enter into Chester.  This was some excellent conversation with the group as a whole, and it is clear that they are starting to work as a single unit now.  We all agreed to use the name “Paradox Avengers, ” and we began to outline a backstory to help hide who we are.  We will state that we are from R’Leyh that was burned down to the ground by goblin raiders and had no choice but to leave the island.  We also agreed that we would start adding misleading information about a group that is known as the “Chester Raiders” that infiltrate Chester and opened the gates that allowed the army from Mardonian Alliance to overrun the city.

While the group was laying to rest Hunter, some wolves and a couple of Dire wolves thought that they could have an easy meal but the “Paradox Avengers” ended up in getting some nice pelts out it.  After a few hours of travel along the river, we came upon the town, Wilsher.  Upon arriving in town, we meet a Half-Orc that was very drunk and invited us to follow him into the local tavern.  This tavern for the middle of the day had a large number of patrons, and most of them were very drunk, there was a table full of Dwarves doing a drinking game.  They got Gimgrum to join them, and he held his own for a few rounds, but he finally passed out just like the most of the others one that was participating in the game.  As the group was sitting there trying to find some more information out and learning about these lands, Osfinas saw someone watching them very intently and followed them to the back of the tavern only to lose them in a room.  While he was in the room looking for some evidence on who and where that person went an enormous man walked into the room and accused him trying to bed his wife but she was not present.  He grabbed Osfinas up and proceeded to take back into the bar area and drag him across the bar breaking glasses and knocking over drinks all the long Osfinas was saying that I did not do anything so that his friends could hear him.  At this point, Maximus jumped and started to fight with the individual that was dragging Osfinas across the bar.  At this point, Osfinas was able to roll of the bar and was working his way outside as this was full fledge bar fight now.  Then there was a group of Dagon Soldiers that showed up to install order for the bar. 

The Captain of the guard talked with the Hulking Man that was trying to kill Osfinas and then Maximus and Osfinas were placed in shackles accused of starting the fight.  At this point, Osfinas was doing everything he could so that the group knew he was innocent.  With him and Maximus sitting in the back of this caged wagon and shackled.  The rest of the party was trying to find a way to secure their freedom, and the Captain of the guard was a total ass he would not listen to anyone and was saying that the prisoners were going to go into some mine and work off their “debt.”  He gave some crazy gold number to buy their freedom.   Maximums was so focused and having Osfinas back and making it very clear that he was there for the Half-Elf that is started to create issues making the negotiations tough for the party.  Osfinas was very pleased with how the Half-Orc was going to stand by him even if it meant going to the mines; Osfinas will not forget this.   

 Hannibal at this point was communicating directly with Osfinas as the guards had gagged him.  In their physic talk Osfinas told him he did not do this and if they paid the “fine,” he would make sure to get the gold back.   The Paradox Avengers paid the “fine” and Maximums, and Osfinas was finally released at some point Osfinas was able to unlock the shackles with no one noting that and made the point to throw them down in front of the Captain to make a point that he would not have been held for too long.

At this point, Osfinas was furious with what had transpired and was only focused on getting the gold back that was wrongly taken from the group.  He partly helped him to calm down some and was wanting to keep moving on towards Thun.  However, Osfinas has other plans at this point…  


SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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