The Burning Land

Roland and Willow

Roland and Willow private meeting                                         1/09/2107

As the group retired to the rooms for the evening, they had to double up since the inn was fairly full.  Hannibal and Maximus grab a room Gimgrum, and Osfinas took another and Willow quickly walked with Roland to his private suite.  A few hours into a good night rest, The Paradox Avengers have not slept in bed for several weeks now, Hannibal had a very strange dream, and he meets with the weapon giver.  He awoke to find a grimoire attached to his wrist by a chain. While this was taking place over in Gimgrum and Osfinas room, they were awakened by a shadow figure.  On his hand was a glove with the crying eye and three triangle eyebrows on it.  One that Osfinas all too familiar with now.  The figure instructed them to stay quiet and act as if they were asleep.  Then there was a click at the door, and movement outside all of sudden to cloaked figures appeared in the room standing over their beds.  Before these new figures could do anything, the one with the eye marking swept in and eliminated them in one quick strike.  In Gimgrum and Osfinas head they heard “GET UP!”  They both sprang to their feet but Osfinas is clearly nimbler and faster the Gimgrum as soon as his feet hit the floor the door was open and he was rushing down the hall towards the others room.   In the lobby, he saw an assassin entering into Hannibal and Maximus room he charged forward to get the drop on this one.  Osfinas was able to deliver a massive strike, but the assassin did not fall. In the room, there was another one there, and he saw that look in Maximus eyes.  As Osfinas quickly looked around the chamber, he saw Hannibal casting a spell as the was retreating back on top on the headboard and then he disappeared.  Osfinas quickly disengaged the foe and went back towards Gimgrum as he knew more assassins were coming.  Gimgrum rushed into the place that Osfinas was and began to swing his Warhammer at the one Osfinas had wounded.  He made several hits when another assassin showed up in the hallway.  There was a massive amount of battling taking place in the inn when all of sudden he heard this major blast coming from Roland’s room.  As we slowly turned the battle in the hallway into our favor, we made it down to Roland’s room where they had captured one of the assassins and the room now had an excellent opening to the outdoors as one wall had a massive hole in looking like someone was blasted through it.  
The group tied up the one assassin and then woke him up.  Hannibal set and alarm trap outside in the hallway and Maximus stood watch by the door as Gimgrum started his interrogation.  The Assassin looked around the room and with a very evil and twisted grin spoke something to the group in a language no one knew.   He then started to talking in this strange speech and the room slowly got a feeling of darkness enclosing the room. Osfinas quickly realized that this assassin was summoning something and took Shadowcall and drove into his throat attempting to remove his voice box but it was too late as the Alarm in the hallway went off.  Maximus was the first out the door to see two more assassins, and he quickly engaged them.  Just as he got there a dark form starts to manifest itself in behind the assassins as the figure was coming into view the two assassins dropped to their knees and garbed the ears as they screamed and then fell over limp.  Roland charged out the door and saw this dark figure appear. It glided across the floor wielding a massively pitted scimitar.  His swings it scimitar and hits Maximus right across his chest it apparently hurt Maximus as he let out a yell from the impact, not a battle cry.  Roland draws his silver sword and yells out a name; “AZOTH!” and charges forward.  As the group made a quick assessment of the battle scene, it was clear that they could not handle this demon in the hallway as there was just not enough space.  The group quickly made it way outside to draw the beast into and opening.  Roland was trying to stand toe to hoof with this demon, but he clearly has his sights on one of us as he pushed past Roland and emerged outside.  Blades swing spells were being flung, and the battle raged on for several minutes with Maximus even getting dropped to his knees from a series of hits from Azoth.  The group was finally able to fall this demon.  Learned from Roland that this demon is known as the “Lord of Death.”  The team was looking at each other with concerned eyes and they all had the same thoughts; “Why was the Lord of Death summoned to kills us?”  “What have we gotten ourselves into?”  
Roland seeing the looks on their faces said; “We need to speak with Octavius in the morning, let’s get some sleep for now”  They all agreed with him, but everyone knew there would be little sleep this night.
The next morning the group meet downstairs to get a hardy breakfast and provide more insight was to what happened.  Gimgrum and Osfinas explained to the group about the shadowy figure that helped them in the room and described the eye that was spotted on the glove.  Osfinas also told them about the eye he saw at the in the tavern in Wilshire where he got into the bar fight and was arrested.  After breakfast, the group made it was over the three O shop.
Octavius was clearly in the middle of his breakfast as we entered his shop.  He pleased to see Roland and the group.  We explained to him what and transpired last night and he was visibly disturbed by these events. Hannibal was able to assist with some of the information bay casting a minor illusion to show Azoth and well as the tattoos from the assassins.  Made it very clear that the summoning of Azoth must have been some ancient and very powerful magic unlike he has heard of before.  We learned that the Assassins are from a group called the Sa’Kage.  We learned that Octavius is part of a particular group here in Yorvik.  They are Information Brokers for folks like Roland they are truly a mockery of Imperial fourth Intelligent organization, and they love that fact.  They are called the sixth order, and they can be found throughout the land. 
The Sa’Kage have three distinct symbols that represent different areas of specialization.
1.    Circled Star = Occult
2.    Burning Hand = Political 
3.    Rat = Secret underground 
We then learned that the eye with the triangle eyebrows is a very powerful and mysterious group called ‘Cyrpteya.'  This is not an organization to take lightly they seem to be the puppeteer behind the Government for Dagon Empire.  This is an organization that has been around before the Dagon Empire took power here in Yorvik.  They have their army, Business (legal and Illegal) and old Mystics working from them.  This was a lot of information about who was after but no real answers as to why?  The group felt that it had to do with the weapons that have been gifted to them but there was no real information about these weapons other than they were crafted to destroyed the seven pillars.  We asked Octavius to find out what he could about the weapons he had a very high price for this information but what choice did we have.  He wanted us to pay 720 Platinum up front.   Osfinas did not have a major issue with the price, but all up front was not how he did any business, and he knew they folks in this type of business did not as well.  He started a hard negation with Octavius over this and was successful in getting an agreement to pay half now and half on delivery of the information.   The group noticed that Maximus has been asleep in a chair over in the corner almost since they arrived at the shop.  We then had a lengthy discussion about where to go next Roland truly wanted to go back the island and R’lyeh, but Osfinas was very pointed about needing to go onto Dagon. He knew the clock was slowly running out on getting there and now with this extra information about the Cyrpteya he truly needed to get there.  He was having issues to get the group in line with his asked and was finally forced to show they letter that he received some weeks ago when they were still in Chester after opening the gates.  This was never his plan to share this, but he had no choice the group, for the most part, took this information ok but Osfinas knew he did lose some trust, but he played it as this was for his mark and that he never put the connection together until now, we all agreed to go onward to Dagon and not hide any more information.
The group went to restock their supplies and stuff and was to meet back up at the Inn.  We all meet at the inn that evening for dinner and drinks and Maximus now awake noticed that Willow had a new tattoo.  No one said anything about it as we felt it may be an ode to Hunter or her other loss.  Let’s us hope that we can get a good night sleep tonight and in the Morning, Onto Dagon….


SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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