The Burning Land

Saving Osfinas

Onward to Dagon but first a new member to help us out        1/9/17

The Paradox Avengers got a good and uneventful night sleep.  They all met for Breakfast and was making plans on the next steps.  It was nice to see Willow had apparently come to some terms with what has taken place to her over the past several weeks.  Roland seemed to be a happier camper as well.  We all went back over to Octavius to one see if he had any more information and two to say goodbye to him.  He was pleased to see us all again and informed us that he has learned of a Human Fighter that was being hunted by the Sa’Kage.  This Human may also have information about a high ranking Sa’Kage Kyler.  Osfinas, liked this information, take off the arm and the legs and eventually, the head will show itself, and you can remove it to end the threat.  Octavius told us he could be found in a Whore house named ‘The Wobbly Tamp’ located in the dock district, Gimgrum “perks up” at the thoughts of going to a Whore house, off to the dock area.
As the group made their way down to the shipyards Osfinas, Gimgrum and Willow started seeing signs that this area was apparently controlled by the Sa’Kage as there were signs of the Dagger with the wings everywhere they looked.  The group finally came upon ‘The Wobbly Tramp.'  Gimgrum was the first one in the door.  As the others entered it was evident, this was not Gimgrum type of place it was old and nasty, and the smell of fish perennated the air, who knows what it smells this way.  Hannibal gets into a war of words with a working girl there as he called her Wench and she took offensive to that term.  We asked about a named, Richard?  The working girls all giggled like little school girls at the sound of his name.  One of the Girls knew him and began to explain all of his recent exploits just his morning naming like five different girls and maybe even a goat or some farm animal.   The girl did point us towards a thunderous man with most of the working girls hanging on him over at a large round table.  It was clear this guy was here to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest.  
Gimgrum and Osfinas approached him and talked to him about what he knows about this Sa’Kage group.  He greeted us, and it was clear that he was somewhat drunk already.   He asked if we could talk with him in private and he reluctantly got the girls to leave the table; Gimgrum was happy to see these overly large girls exit the table. This man has seen the battle as he was scared from head to toe and Maximus was very impressed with this man and his apparent fighting skills. 
Maximus asked him; “where did you get that weapon?’
He looked at Maximus and with a sheepish grin said: “This old thing? I killed and Orc Chieftain and took it and his shield from him.”  Maximus was now more impressed with Richard.
As we talked with him and he informed that he was able to beat some Sa’Kage in a simple game of dice and they felt he cheated and had to defend his honor as he would never cheat.  This defending ended up killing a few members of the Sa’Kage, and now they are after him.  As we sat there and discussed some the similarities that Richard and the Paradox Avengers had in common we agreed that maybe we should team up and assist each other going forward.  At this point, Osfinas the one always on the lookout for movement in the shadows spotted a figure standing the doorway via the mirror behind the bar.  Once he saw him, he darted off.  Osfinas quickly jumped and said we are being watched get ready and silently moved out the door to follow this figure.
Willow made her way to the roof to have a better vantage point, and she did trip over some stacks of wood that was there for a repair but never the less she spotted another assassin on the rooftop across from her.  Hannibal pulled a chair up to a window and jumped up in it to look outside.  The others slowly were making their way outside trying to stay out of sight as best they can.  We now had two assassins in sight one on the roof and another one that Osfinas was following.  Willow drew her bow father then she had before to make sure that any hit would drive deep into its target and fired at the one on the rooftop.  HIT! Another Shot, HIT! Still after to solid shots that found their marks in the targets mid-section he was still standing.   Roland who was careful not to rush outside hearing the whistling of arrows flying pushed Hannibal out of the way and jumped through the window.  Richard charges out the door and seeing only on target the one on the roof draw his short sword flipped in the air to grab the blade and flung up with all of his might at the Assassin.  ‘Thnuk’ was the only sound heard as it found its mark and drove deep into the shoulder of the assassin.  More assassins show up another across on the Rooftop.  The first one that was on the roof jumped down onto Richard. Hannibal quick-thinking cast levitated on Roland and lifted him onto the other rooftop with the new assassin.  The assassin that Osfinas was following ran back around the corner and tried to hit Osfinas but had no luck.  Osfinas countered but missed as well. He knew he needed to get back closer to his allies to handle this battles, so he disengaged and retreated around the corner.  The battle continued for several more seconds with arrows flying hammers and blades smashing into armor and each other.  The another assassin showed up right behind Osfinas and was able to get the drop on him and drove his dagger deep into his back.  Osfinas then felt the burning sensation of the poison from the blade enter his system, then it all went dark, and he dropped. Luckily Willow saw Osfinas drop, but she was even more surprised as the assassin was dragging him off.  The group after a few more seconds was finally able to finish off the remaining assassins,  Now to find Osfinas.  
Willow sprinted towards the area where he saw Osfinas dragged off.  She could not find any clues as to where he was taken.   Hannibal took some time to cast detect magic and nothing. Now the group is starting to panic a little and began to perform more investigations.  Hannibal found what looks to be a door, but it has three holes outlined in brass, a lock may be.  The group grabbed a dead assassin hand and tried to use it fingers to open the door.  There was a click but nothing else.  
Richard said; “I had this” Stepped forward and swung his short with all of his might staking the door but this is no ordinary door and his hit hurt him more from the reverberations than the door.  Maximus, seeing this pushed everyone out of the way and swung his battle-axe into the door this time there was a small crack, but it just showed that the was armor-plated throughout.   The group stood there for a few moments in disbelief and was not sure what to do.  
When  Gimgrum said; “Let’s head back over to Octavius and see if he has any guidance for us.”
The group headed back towards Octavius’s and in the walk back there they had the sensation that they were being flowed and watched.  It was late in the evening when the made it back, and Octavius shop was closed.  However, Willow banged on the door to get let in.  Octavius was not pleased but once he heard what happened he started trying to locate some information about the door they described to him. His was frantically looking through scrolls and notes trying to find something.  Finally, he found what he was looking for.  “Yes, here it is.  Oh, I see,  This is not good”  It is a combination lock that you push in the correct sequence, and you only have five seconds to complete it.  Otherwise, after the third failure the door will be permanently locked or it may even explode. Just not sure but nothing good after three failures.”   “yes, the combination you will need to find a Sa’Kage to give it you or maybe watch one and see if you can figure it out.”
The group was very disappointed about this as they were hoping that he had some answers for them other than this is a combination lock.  Willow and Gimgrum quickly devised a plan to try and find other doors and watch for someone to try and unlock the door to get the combo, but they knew that time was going to be the one thing that they were fighting against.   As far as the group new Osfinas was dead they did know they there was no easy way to take his weapon other than removing an arm, but even then no one was sure what would happen.  
They made back to the shipyard and agreed that Richard, Gimgrum, and Maximus were to stand guard over the door where Osfinas was taking while the Willow and Hannibal would cover other doors.  Hannibal cast invisibility on himself and moved off towards a door. Willow went into the Shadows trying to recall tricks that Osfinas had talked to her about by using the environment to ‘hold her shadow.'  She got to a door and was in position.  They waited for what seemed like an eternity.  Then a figure was approaching the door that Willow was watching as it approached the door and pulled his hand from the cloak, Maximus came walking from around the corner, and the figure slipped away.  Willow was so pissed at Maximus for showing up.  She scolded him like a little child for 10 minutes about not flowing the plan and how he may have caused the group to miss out on an opportunity to learn the combo.  She told him to get back to the Whore house and stay until she told him otherwise.  Maximus slowly walked back with is head hanging low for he knew he made possibly a grave mistake.  Willow slipped back into the shadows hoping that was not going to be her only chance at getting the combo.  
As this was taking place, a shadowy figure showed up at the door where Hannibal had setup.  Now with him having cast invisibility onto himself he was able to stand right next to the door to give him a perfect viewing on anyone’s hands and how their knuckles moved.  This shadowy figure approached the door and slowly pulled his hand from the under his cloak and then quickly inserted his fingers into the three holes and proceeded to unlock the door. Hannibal saw the movement and learned the combo – 3123- He quickly made his way back the Whore House with this information.  They call Willow back, and the group looks at the door.
Gimgrum; “what is the Combo?” 
Hannibal; “It’s 3123.”
Gimgrum runs to the door and tries the combo, but he is not that dexterous, or maybe his fingers are just too short, but he was unsuccessful at opening the door.  He looked around hoping that someone else would try and Willow seeing the look in his eyes, stepped and attempted the combo.  Maybe it was the stress maybe she was still overly pissed at Maximus but never the less she was not able to get the combo completed in time, another failure.  Now the group was indeed feeling desperate and concerned abbot how would they save Osfinas.  Hannibal tried to cast a message spell to communicate with Osfinas, but it failed.  What did that mean was Osfinas dead, was even on this plane of existence?  Roland seeing the look of defeat the eyes of his newly found love stepped forward and thrust is fingers into the lock and with the speed and dexterity of a big cat quickly pushed the keys and the with no sound at all the door opened into darkness.
The group entered into the darkness to find themselves in a hallway.  The looked about and saw what looked like drag marks and some footprints heading down the corridor.  They slowly moved forward watching for traps and the like.  There was a humming sound emitting from the end of the hallway and it grew louder as they approached the end of the corridor.  At the end, they entered into a large Chamber. In this chamber, there was some pillars and some vortex and portal in the center of the room.  Near the center were three cloaked figures and a lifeless body on the floor.
Hannibal was seeing what he believes to be Osfinas on the floor launches a firebolt at one of the figures but was unsuccessful.   Maximus goes into a full rage and charges forward at the one the looks like the leader.  Kyler sees Richard and says; “You will not pay your debt to us in blood”  and charges towards him.  Maximus swings and hits one of the Assassins.  Richard, seeing Kyler just nods and charges to meet him with a single blow that caught Kyler off guard at how precise it was.  Kyler quickly regained his composure and landed two heavy blows to Richard.  Richard strumbled back a few steps and dropped to his knees from those mighty blows.  Willow, seeing his turned her focus onto Kyler and with a series of well-placed arrows and Gimgrum adding in extra hits they fell, Kyler.  Gimgrum heals Richard to get him back into the battle as it is a way to go.  Roland was able to dispatch one quickly.  Hannibal charges forward to where Osfinas is at on the ground and tries to get him toe ‘wake up’ to no success.  Richard getting the healing from Gimgrum gets up and ‘tea bags’ Kyler.  Roland sends an assassin back into the portal, and with this, it seems to grow stronger.  
“Everyone get out of here!” Roland Yells.
Willow dashed forward to grab Osfinas as Hannibal has no way to carry or drag him.  Now more assassins show up, and the group battles with them as the pull from the portal is getting stronger, and Hannibal is struggling to get back to the door.  Richard rushed forward to help Hannibal get to the door.  Maximus, seeing Willow carrying Osfinas and having a difficult time getting out grabbed and pulled her into the doorway. The entire group was finally able to get to the door and exit this chamber back into the streets right in front of “the Wobbly Tramp.”  An arrow just missed its mark as Roland was the last to exit.  

Gimgrum was trying a few things to try and get Osfinas back on his feet, but nothing seemed to work, but at least he was breathing at the moment…. 


SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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