The Burning Land

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon Appears                                              1/16/2017


AS the group was standing around looking at and making sure that Osfinas was ‘OK’ it was noticed that our newly found friend was missing.  As the group discussed what had transpired, they were trying to figure out the next steps.  Willow suggested to head back to Octavius’s and see if he could help Osfinas.  The group made their way back to Octavius’s carrying Osfinas as he was still unconscious.  Upon arriving at Octavius’s, it was closed another roadblock for the team.  The team seemed to be a little lost now as they know no one here that could help other than Octavius, Gimgrum was like let’s find a temple and see if someone there could help out.  Then the group learned that there are no temples other the Al-Shabel, which was not a good option.  As the group just stood in the streets outside of Octavius shop, Hannibal had an idea that he wanted to try.  He started mutters some words and using his hands to writes some glyphs in the air to produce a smell that was so pungent that even the foulest rats from the deepest sewers would form.   He then placed his hand that contained this smell under the nose of Osfinas. This almost proved to be a fatal mistake by Hannibal as it woke up Osfinas but he came with Shadow call forming as quick as lightning into a punch dagger and headed towards Hannibal’s throat, but Osfinas quickly realized what was happening and stopped less than an inch from his throat.  Willow screams as the was going on for Osfinas to stop maybe that helped Osfinas realized what was going on.  Osfinas was not able to recall anything other than getting a dagger in his back.

What to do now Osfinas wanted some rest as he was beaten down from his brush with death.  The group was agreeing with tat as well as they have been up pushing 24 hours in trying to find a way to the hideout of the Sa’Kage.  It was decided that there was no way that we could return to the Smiling Loin after we blow out a wall, So we all decided to head out of town for a few hours and find a place to set up a camp and get some rest.

As the group was setting up camp, Hannibal came across s silvery shimmering Longsword.  As he approached the Longsword, it turned into a mist and shot off towards the north.  Hannibal described the sword to the group as being a liquid type of bright silver and acted very much like Osfinas Shadowcall, but this sword had no runes on it as far has he could tell.  Roland said that to the north of here was the Shazar ruins and that is where the Shades rule the land.  He said that this was a place of old and no one ever goes there, and those that do most never come are seen from again.  The few that had returned are not the same as most cannot talk and they walk around in a fog of confusion.  There are rumors of great magic power there as well and even untold ancient riches and artifacts.  The group even though that there could maybe be one of the seven seals is hidden there.  Gimgrum was worried about that weapon falling into the hands of our enemies and Maximus was indeed obsessed over finding another magical weapon. After much debate, it was agreed that he would take a detour from Dagon and head towards Shazar Ruins.  We figured that we were four to five days’ travel to the ruins and headed out early the following morning.


On our second night of camping, Maximus wakes up Osfinas as he sees some strange light off in the distance.  As Osfinas gets up and lets his eyes adjust to the darkness and looks out I the direction that Maximus was pointing.  After a few seconds, Osfinas sees what the light is.  He says; “That is a fire.  That is a Huge Fire!”  Now they are hearing screams coming from that direction, and it is clear that some village must be under siege.  The Paradox Avengers jump on their horses and take off in an all-out sprint to reach the village as soon as possible.  On their way, they were starting seeing Men, Women, and children fleeing in the opposite direction as we approached they tried to avoid us but Gimgrum was able to get some so say they the town was under attack and everything was burning.

When we arrived at the village, we say that most of it was on fire and then we saw what was behind it a large group of goblins.  We quickly dismounted and charged forward to end these little green monster the fate that they deserved.  Hannibal fires off a new spell,  fireball as he figures it would not do any more damage to the village.  We were making quick progress against these green skin killers when from the skies from the North a huge shadow crossed over the battlefield and with a massive roar a young Red Dragon lands in the village and looks around at the destruction that has been inflicted to the village and then it turns it attention towards the Paradox Avengers.  As Gimgrum attempts to speak to the beast in draconic. It looks at him and in a common tongue says; “It is our time now!” and It lets lose its fire breath and takes down a few of the remaining goblins that were in front of it.  After several minutes of fierce fighting and trading blows with this Dragon the group was able to final bring it down with the killing blow coming in from Maximus with his Blood Rage Battle Axe.  As the group stood there looking at what they just killed

Roland looks around and says; “There have not been any reports of Dragons in over 600 years!”  “where in the hell did, this beat come from?”

Those words sank deep into Osfinas and the others What has awoken these beasts and as Osfinas thought he looked down at the tattoos on his arm and wondered more about why were he and the others were chosen and what were they chosen for?  The group decided that it would be very beneficial to take stuff off of the dragon as they may be able to craft some equipment and provided proof of their great deed that he just accomplished.  They took every single tooth as it is clear that Osfinas second job will be a dentist.  They also took most of its scales and large portions of its hide and some vials of this blood.  The group went back to the camp to get some much-needed rest.

As the team continued to head towards Shazar Ruins, they happened upon a sign that says ‘Verdun all is welcome.’ Then the village is in sight just over the bridge.  This is a small village with a few basic shops, a blacksmith, tavern and a temple.  We went to the blacksmith as he felt that he may need to have our horse re-shoed and we dropped them off to have that taken care of.  The group split up, and Gimgrum, Willow, and Hannibal all went over to the temple to seek out information. While Maximus, Osfinas, and Roland went to the local tavern for some much-needed drink.

The Gimgrum, Willow, and Hannibal make their way over the temple of Norn Blazing light.  This deity is known to be a fey one.  This temple had an enormous library which is odd for where it is located at, but Hannibal was ecstatic about it.   Willow, slowly walked up to the and asked one of the clergies where the alms box was located and then walked over to it and dropped 30 GP into.  Gimgrum went looking for the High Clergy to discuss with him the recent events and see what he could learn about the Shazar Ruins.   The others followed Gimgrum as he approached an older gentleman in white robes. The group started to discuss with the High Clergy the recent past events with the Silversword.  The High Clergy was not sure what this meant, but he did explain to the group about the Shazar Knights or Shad bearers and that they ruled the land before the Evil reclaimed the land.  These Knight all had a shade weapon that they could call upon when it was needed.  These Shade weapons chose their bearers as well, and they were always a martial type weapon.  This organization was in existence before the empire came into to rule.  The Dagon Empire has only been around for roughly 900 years now and has done a good job of not going to large. 

Willow asked if he knew of the Seven Pillars of Light.  The Clergyman claimed that was a very Orthodox Belief and that the teaching of Norn did not give any credit to that belief.  The group asked him about the Shades that walked the ruins at night.  He told them that he had seen them once from a distance.  There appears to be a Sandstorm at night, and while the sand is at their heights, you can see figures walking within it the storm, the Shades.  The Shazar was the last known outpost of the Knight of Light. He told them that the ruins are about a day and a half walk from here.  Everyone here in the village stays away from the ruins.  He did say that a group of eight or so uniformed men arrived in town and they appear to be like rangers or scouts.    

Maximus, Osfinas, and Roland head to the tavern to grab some drinks.  They found a table and order a round of drinks for themselves and looking around they say a few patrons that most likely was locals.  Then they spotted a table of eight men that all had similar gray cloaks and blue colored armor.  Roland found a working girl and was able to ‘come’ to an agreement on price and disappeared to the back with her.  Maximus wanted to go and talk to the eight men, so we ordered them all drinks and headed over there.  As we approached Osfinas noticed a pin on one of their lapel and recognized it as a pin from the Maradonian Alliance.  Osfinas wonder why are they this far into the empire already? Are they looking for us or is there something special located in the ruins that they are after?  Only one way to find out and that is to talk with them.  Maximus and Osfinas approached and handed them the Ale.  The de-facto leader was a real ass, and it was clear that he hated our heritage.  He starting making fun of Osfinas ears and then he hurled insults towards Maximus about his mother and his tusks which tick him off, and he went into his rage as they fight about to start in the tavern the owner begged us to take it outside.  AS we walked out, Osfinas tried to reason with the leader, but he only wanted to kill us. 

We all went out into the streets, and Maximus was in a full rage now looking for anyone of anything to hit.  This group of the Maradonian ranger was no match for this group.  Maximus was chopping them done like little saplings, and Osfinas came in behind one them and whispered into his ear; “I tried to warn you the leader but he wanted to see blood, and now you will die at the hands of a half-elf so take that to your grave.” The plunged Shadowcall into his back severing his spine and then into his heart.

Now the group is standing there amongst former living Maradonian Rangers in the middle of this little town…


SaintStrelok Dawgzilla

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