The Mardonian Alliance

   The Mardonian Alliance is a pro human militant organization. They pride them selves  in  the purity of their race and ideals. The Alliance was founded by a former General of  the  empire, Karassus Mardonius. His doctrine to train and maintain a small core of  elite  troops proved deadly in the early days of the war. When he laid siege to the now  Alliance capitol Eldritch, he moved the hearts of the common folk and raised them in  revolt against the empire, capturing all the land to the East to the Hallow Valley. When  the war was reduced to a bloody power struggle between the two main powers, his son took the command and passed it on to his son General Verenus Mardonius who holds command to this day. It is said their pro human direction has stalled over the century, allowing non humans to take station in their ranks.

The Dagon Empire

   The Dagon Empire was founded over 800 years prior to The Alliance. Marcus  Currassus brought his legion to Yorvik in hopes to escape the political persecution of  his home land, Atertic. After conquering the land from the nomadic horse people that  roamed the plains of Yorvik. He forged his empire over the ruins of yet an older people  that ruled the land in long centuries past. While The Empire grew, his  descendants fought off constant sea raids from the south lands, over the Gorgian sea.  A renascence ensued, all races and creed were welcome, the old ways embraced, and tradition was alive and well.  All that changed for the worst once the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Atertic legions found and invaded Yorvik. Once the war was over and the Dagon Empire victorious, the land fell into a dark age. A time of demons and genocide plagued The Empire. 

Unknown Assassins

  Little is known about these daggers in the dark. They lash out at our  heroes when they least expect it, never relenting, never stopping. They  bare strange runic weapons that dissolve when they are cut down,  all the  adventures are left with is a corpse with an odd dagger tattoo. Who are  they? Why are they coming? Who sent them?


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